Monday, June 25, 2012

Susie Cheerful Here

Well, today I have no pie.  I can't even find a pie plate.  It's a day when I just need to shut down and be.  So I am.  I actually spent most of today in the kitchen.  It was rewarding in a few ways - the fridge is nice and full.  It was also a mental health recharging opportunity.

There comes a time in your life when you just have to be and stop thinking about what's ahead or what's behind you.  I'm there.  Today is just a day to be for me.  I've prayed until I think God is tired of the same old thing.  So now, I've moved on to the saints.  If you're Catholic you know there are hundreds to choose from. I have my favorites, but I guess it depends on the situation.  Right now, I'm talking with all of them.  So far, no movement on their end.  We'll see what tomorrow brings...

Right now, I've done everything I can think of to get out of my funk.  None of it is working.  I'm open to suggestions ya'll.  I've watched three straight Hallmark movies, cooked, cleaned, played with the Bubbies, read a book and still nothing.   I even ate a rice krispie treat with butter cream icing on it.  It's a combo the neighbors love and my first actually and it was OK, but didn't make me smile.   I really wasn't kidding when I said I was out of pie was I?  I don't even feel like baking one right now.  Or eating one.  Or even talking about pie.

Everyone in the house is on edge too - Seamus is barking at everything, even when B stands up from his chair.   Paxton has pretty much set up house under the coffee table and B is snapping at everything that moves.  I guess my mood has spread through the house.   Oh joy; I owe everyone a happy day and soon. 

SO, now I'm open to any and all ideas for happy day thoughts and incentives.  I need things to look forward to and smile about.  As Scarlet O'Hara said...Tomorrow is another Day....  I'm really looking forward to going to bed tonight - maybe I'll sleep through the night and this will be nothing but a bad day to write off....

A girl can hope.  So, signing off for now - Happy Monday Ya'll.  Really.

- Susie Cheerful

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  1. Sending you a Super-sized Cheerful Hug with an Extra Squeeze! :-)