Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm on hormones & my dog is on Prozac.....

Well, I was going to write this yesterday, but as usual life got in the way.  So here I am, at midnight, sitting here in the bonus room while someone finishes his homework.  Talk about moral support!  What a good wife I am!  'We' had a paper to work on tonight!  YAY!  It's nice to know I can still pump out the BS when I need to - and I'm really digging the Zebra red ink pen that I got to use to edit the 11 page nightmare - so I guess there are a few pluses to the evening! 

What a great date night huh? :o)  When B signed up to do the grad school thing online - full time - I thought - cool.  He'll do homework and I'll read or bake!  What a great deal that is right?  Sometimes though, even when I don't want to get sucked in, it happens.  The stress grows, the Bubbies are uneasy and I just have to help.  That's all I'm doing though I promise brain isn't up to doing real work at night these days.  I took today off too - and I'm post my massage - so you know my brain and muscles are just useless due to 'you know who'! (I'm still working on her nickname!  On a side note, the Botox seems to have helped my right wing, so here's hoping it's going to get better! Yipee!)

At one time, earlier in life, I thought it was the thing to do to go and get my MBA - I even took the GMATs.  Did pretty well on those as I recall, but I never went to school - was planning on Loyola in MD too.  Got sidetracked though when I was transferred down to the big ATL and all thoughts of school went right out the window!  I mean really, why would I go to school when I could go to Moe's & Joe's and drink cheap PBR?  Silly people!

Of course my path changed many times over the next few years and I ended up in Culinary School instead of grad school. I guess if I had to do it over, I might have let my old company pay for my MBA, but I would have hated doing it.  Seriously.  IF I was to ever go back to school, to would be to study something I know nothing about.  To go to get my MBA now would be tough - I'd probably argue with the teachers and get mad at my books because they weren't real life examples and weren't 'true!'

Maybe I'll go back and learn Gaelic - have always wanted to do that....then I could understand some of my favorite music.  Or maybe I could go take a knitting class - nah.  I'd break the needles - not enough patience for that.  I've got it, belly dancing! :)  HA!  I'd need MUCH more than Botox to even think about doing that!

Perhaps I'll just sit tight for now and keep my red pen handy and keep baking those cookies.  They do help B get through those long haul nights like tonight!

SO for now, I'll leave you with this...I'm on hormones, my dog is on Prozac (another story to come), I'm typing this at almost 12:30AM and B is yelling at me about how on-line is supposed to be reckon I have enough to write my first book yet????  :o)

Night Ya'll and Happy Friday/Saturday morning to you!


  1. Funny! I thought about grad school for abouta minute. After getting divorced, I went to nursing school. I lvoe it, and i don't want to be in management... so no grad school. Advanced practice nursing would be great- master's level- but I had kids late in life and habe no time or energy! I find my hobbies are much more enjoyable!

    1. I'm with you Lee! My hobbies are my zen time! You're one busy lady!

  2. Agh, the joys of my morning cup of coffee and J Macs blog. Happy Saturday! Love and hugs, "Decadent Digits". ;-)

    1. Thanks DD! :) Hope it was a great day!