Thursday, June 14, 2012

But I only have 2 lipsticks....

I'm a handbag stuffer.  There.  I said it.  It's an organized stuff mind you, but I am a stuffer.  Currently, I would estimate my purse weighs about 11 lbs.  That's based on my latest doctor visit - I held it when I got on the scale and then put it down - so it's a ball park figure, but scary all the same.

In my defense, my purse is quite heavy all by itself.  This is a relatively new one from my birthday in May - a gift from B.  I'm spoiled I know....but I work hard and it's cheaper to buy leather handbags than diamonds isn't it?  :o)

So, why is the thing so darned heavy?  I don't hoard crap - I have a few lipsticks, eye drops, a small brush, my pill holder, my wallet and a notebook that holds all of my paper stuff.  I carry a pen (sometimes) and my Blackberry and Bluetooth.  That's it.  And really, lipstick, a plastic brush and papers are NOT heavy! 

I've tried to reduce the amount of things I carry to ease the pressure on my shoulder - but to no avail.  I just can't figure out what I can do without that weighs enough to make it worthwhile.  I need to carry my checkbook/wallet combo.  I ditch my change into B's change jar at least once a month - and I have limited the number of lipsticks to two. 

Any ideas people?  I've even carried a quilted bag in the hopes of fixing the issue - didn't work.  Still got heavy.  I'm organized mind you - and I'm not kidding about that, but I like to be prepared too. 

Maybe that's the problem!.  I do have meds in my side pocket - you never know when you'll need Sudafed or Imodium.  Oh, there's the packets of Truvia for my coffee and the StarbucksVia packets for those times when I can't get decaf. There's a tin of mints in a side pocket....oh and look!  I forgot I put a cucumber in there this morning.  (A guy at work has a huge garden and likes to share the leftovers at work.)

I do have a partial bottle of water in there right now too.  I get thirsty a lot - don't judge me.  Holy cow, I almost forgot to put my hand lotion on the list - I cannot exist without it - use it multiple times a day.  It's antibacterial you know....important.  We'll not even discuss how cranky I can get without my lotion!

Ya know?  It could be my key chain(s).  I do have a couple that are heavy...but all of them have a story behind them, so how would I get rid of them?  After all, my key chain has to be big enough to find it in my purse and I've had that clip for 20 years.  I use it all the time to clip it to my purse - so it's essential!

Sigh.  It's true.  I'm an organized hoarder and I can't stop.  I need help.  I guess that's the first step.  I'll have to write myself a note to look into a help group of some kind - I'll write it in the notebook that I carry.   Maybe I can get a smaller of those Vera Bradley ones...does Coach have notebooks? 

I'll get help.  I promise.  In the meantime, please do not pick up my handbag without bending your knees and sucking in your core.  You've all been warned.

Happy Thursday Ya'll!

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