Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Brain Has Left the Building

I think my brain took today off - no warning, no planned vacation, just vacated the premises and left me hanging.  It also left me with a big, fat headache and little to do except watch a bunch of movies - cue Ferris Bueller and Larry Crowne (a brief shout out to Direct TV for that free HBO thing going on.)

So now, it's 10:30PM on Saturday and I still have a nagging headache and my brain has finally decided to do the walk of shame back home.  What an incredible waste of a day.  Don't get me wrong, I totally stressed out my brain last night editing the term paper (duh duh duh) - so I do understand a little of why my brain was mad with me today.  After all, last night I was supposed to bake something - I even had butter out on the counter getting to room temperature - so my mind was totally set on doing something that relaxed and smelled good. 

Instead, it got a red pen (although a really great red pen) and a really dry, 'shoot me in the foot' kind of paper to read.  Add to that it was awake much later than it has been in probably years; thus this morning was a write-off.  Hey, I did have a great bath - but since I couldn't even focus on a paperback, it was a short one.

I sadly skipped my workout as that might have incentivized my brain to stick around - but after "Decadent Digits" kicked my ass yesterday during a beat down masquerading as a massage. I wasn't really in the workout mood!   Thanks DD - my back feels great!  My head is beginning to forgive you! :o)

I'm hoping tomorrow will be better - I think my brain owes me a great Sunday after blowing me off all day don't you?  Unfortunately, and don't tell my brain this, I have to be at the doctor at 7AM for blood work and then we're off to race to church in time for 8:30AM mass - so it won't be a normal Sunday morning at all. 

So I'll keep my fingers crossed that my brain isn't hung over in the morning and pray that the early morning call is enough to kick my brain into motion.  I'm all for lazy days, but only when I enjoy them. The kind I had today did not qualify as an enjoyable day.  The Bubbies really appreciated the downtime there's that....

Tomorrow I promise I will do something to feel productive and check something off of my proverbial list - but for the rest of tonight, I think I'll watch hockey with my eye lids shut.

Happy Sunday Ya'll!  Here's to making it a great and fully engaged day!

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  1. Here is to hoping your brain plays nice today and joins this party called life. After a nice lil vacation, it should feel rested and ready to tackle all that you ask of it today. ;-)