Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bomb Pops and Fireworks

I enjoyed a somewhat lazy day - after a crazy morning.  This week coming up is going to be a real humdinger.  It's going to be loaded with lots of activity, both at work and at home and then I'm looking forward to a whole week off from work.  Now that doesn't happen often.  I'm really looking forward to an old fashioned Fourth of July.  I hope you have fun plans too!  I'm going to make homemade ice cream, we'll go see fireworks and maybe (if the weather allows) we'll go see a silly parade! 

I love the idea of homemade ice cream and fireworks - not sure why - but it really reminds me of being a kid.  Not that we had homemade ice cream a lot growing up - but we sure did go to fireworks.  I remember going to Bel Air High School early in the evening and putting out our blanket and chairs and camping out until dark.  We'd wait for the Good Humor man to show up and then line up for a Strawberry Shortcake, a Fudgecicle or a Bomb Pop.  (Bomb Pops always lasted the longest!)  Then we'd wait with the fireflies and mosquitoes and hundreds of other people and then lie back and ooh and ahh through the show.  They never disappointed.  Afterwards, you had to fight your way back through the crowds and the traffic to get home again, but it sure was fun while it lasted! 

I don't know why, but for the last ten years, I haven't seen fireworks on the Fourth of July!  So weird.  I don't think I really knew where to go see them in CLT.  Hopefully we'll find a great spot this year!  I want to go watch them in the humid air, laying on my blanket and do some people watching on the side. 

I think I might try strawberry ice cream in the old 'maker' this year.  What traditions do you have for the 4th?  Do you like fireworks or do you hate the noise?  Our Bubbies don't care about them all that much...noise doesn't really bother them like that luckily.  We wouldn't take them with us though...Paxton's Prozac doesn't really cover fireworks or crowds very well.

Now I just need to get more corn on the cob, make potato salad and bake something silly - maybe something with a flag on it...

In the meantime, I hope you have a great week!  Happy Sunday Ya'll!

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