Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yoga For Dummies

Life is good.  When you think it's not, think again.  Right now, I have Paxton on my feet, curled up in a tight ball with Seamus laying next to him, watching TV. (Yes, he does.)  Seriously, when you're having a bad day, go find a dog and cuddle.  It makes all bad things better.  They just 'know' don't they?

Today is sort of a free association day for mind is wandering.  Just too many things banging around up there.  I have a much better frame of mind though and have totally surrendered those things I can't control; I have really felt much calmer because of it too.  I highly recommend it!  I've never been one to give up on 'fixing things', but boy, when everything is just 'done broke', you sure need to take a virtual time out and just let things be broken for a while.

Right now, my kitchen dish drainer is full of dishes and flower vases, there are grass clippings all over the once clean floor - thanks to the Bubbies' jaunts outside - and I have coupons on the coffee table from two weeks ago that still need to be clipped.  So what am I doing?  Watching the Food Network and free associating with you!  I have to say, it feels good too.  :o)

I had an wonderful dinner with a great friend last night - she's the newest member of Team McGowan!  Woohoo!  She's a yogi - some day when I grow up I truly want my arms to look like hers.  At this point though, I'll settle for learning how to breathe and stretch and in general, make my body stronger.  We've talked about it for a few years now, and I think my poor body is finally ready to move forward.  My brain has been ready for a while - but you know to do Yoga, you need the whole package engaged, mind and body.

So we're going to schedule time and she's going to kick my butt - well, my body from the waist up to start.  I call it the 'ignored zone' - everything hurts above the waist, so I typically only work out from the waist down - you know, bike riding, walking's time to wake up my back and shoulders and get some tone back.

I think if you look up atrophied at, they show my body.  Sad, but true.  K has a great deal of work to do with me!  I really think half of it is mental....but that's the hard part - turning my brain off and just moving.

You know, that's going to be my mantra - Turn off my brain and just move.  I like it.  Of course I'll still bake and worry a little, but that's allowed right? 

Happy Wednesday Ya'll!

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