Sunday, June 17, 2012

You Can Never Go Home Again

I spent about half of my adult life living away from 'home.'  Home was Maryland and I could NOT wait to get out of there and head out into the world after I graduated from college.  It never felt like my forever home you know?   I'm often jealous of people who have stayed and made a life for themselves where they were born and raised. 
I never felt like I was supposed to stay where I grew up - I always felt like I was supposed to be somewhere else.  Of course now there are many things I miss about where I grew up and through Facebook I can keep in touch with how things are there.  I've wondered what my life would be like if I had stayed in the Mason Dixon area - but I guess I'll never know! 

My life has taken me to towns all over the US and I've got favorite places and people in each of those towns.  I've really liked all of the places I've lived, but in some cases, not until after I'm gone! :o)  When I lived in Cleveland, I could NOT wait to get the heck out of there.  The only thing I liked about it at the time was Malley's Chocolates and Lake Erie in the summer and going to Huntington Beach to the Honey Hut for Orange Blossom ice cream.  I hated the snow with a passion and couldn't figure out why people chose to live there!

Now that I've been gone for seven years, my viewpoint has shifted.  I miss many things about Cleveland. I miss the Irish Festivals, the Westside Market, the Lake, the Jake and the Indians, and the great restaurants and ethnic foods.  Sadly, the Honey Hut is no longer at the beach -I hear the owners have changed - but my memories sure are great!  I can also get Malley's Chocolates in the mail!

I think there's probably something about each town I've lived in that I miss and have fond memories of - but  the point I'm at in my life helps me to focus more on make memories here in Charlotte.  The Queen City was such a gamble for us.  We moved here pretty much sight unseen - just because there were jobs here (and no snow!)

So time has blown by and we've been here for seven years.  I was sitting here thinking I don't hate it here - nor do I feel the urge to 'move on' and find a new place. Wow!  Maybe we're finally 'home?' Maybe it's because my parents and B's parents are here - so it makes it feel more permanent.  Who knows!  I do know I love many things about Charlotte and I have lots more to learn and explore.  After all, the Nascar Hall of Fame is here - haha!  I'll focus on making great memories, but also in making a great life here.  Who knows, maybe we'll stay?!

I think Maya Angelou says it best -  You can never go home again, but the truth is, you can never leave home, so it's alright.

Happy Father's Day Dads & Happy Sunday Ya'll!

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