Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dr. Matt Cracks Me Up

Well today I had my first visit to a chiropractor.  I can sum up the visit in one word, OUCH!  Holy sweet Jesus it hurt.   My sacrum tilts.  It's just what it does and unfortunately that can hurt after a while.  Since my beloved insurance company cut off my physical therapy, and the exercises I learned in PT didn't help, I was left with no alternative.

I made a call this morning to an office located near my home and the doctor himself answered.  Dr. Matt.  Hmm....not used to that.  We spoke for a bit and he found an appointment for me late this afternoon.  I go there ready to roll with my 'new patient' forms and was soon ushered back into the x-ray room.   He did a brief exam and then we dove into the x-rays - won't get the results from those until Wed. 

But after looking at me and watching my movements, he told me my sacrum was tilted backwards which was affecting my SI joint and causing my legs to be uneven in length.  Once he actually felt my back he said, "You have a brick in your back."  Nice. :o)  We knew that. 

SO, we go into the exam room.  I hop (hesitantly) onto his table face down and he starts 'a-crackin.'  Mind you, I have a really bad muscle issue.  It's called Myofascial Pain Syndrome and because of it I have lots of trigger points or little knots all over my body.  Well, let me tell you, Dr. Matt had little magnets in his finger tips for those trigger points.

Every adjustment that man made, totally was a bulls eye for a trigger point.  He not only worked on my sacrum, he adjusted my neck - hey DD, that knot is gone! Woohoo!  He adjusted my shoulder on the right that just had Botox - and Voila!  I can move my shoulder.  Turns out, my spine was really out of synch with my muscles and vice versa.  Did you know that your right shoulder can be messed up because of your left hip?  Makes no sense, but that's just how the cookie crumbles my friends.  Apparently, I make a great deal of medical sense, just no common sense.

Ending that hellish fun, we moved onto the vibration machine (get your minds out of the gutter).  I stood on that thing for 30 seconds and was close to tears after it was done.  Pain. It's supposed to calm the joints and muscles after a treatment.  Well, this camper could only handle one round of 30 seconds. 

After all this fun, I get to go back and see him again on Wednesday morning!  Obviously having a straight sacrum is key to carrying a baby, so this is really important folks.  I guess I'll have to keep going back!  Say a prayer for me!  This is worse than any PT I've had and I'm now sitting on an ice pack.  Joy.

What a great Monday huh?  I can hardly wait until Tuesday.....I start with the dentist at 8:00 AM. 

Happy Tuesday ya'll!

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  1. Hey Johnson, no pain no gain. My daughter swears by these guys. Of course she doesn't use the vibrator thingy. :);)Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    You could have asked me. I could have told you that you walked funny. he he he.