Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood it Ain't

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood,  A beautiful day for a neighbor...Yes, I'm singing Mr. Roger's theme song.  I'm hoping beyond hope it will catch on with my neighbors and put everyone in a good mood! 

Have you ever had neighbors that you just don't get or get alone with?  No matter how nice you try to be, their kid is still ugly to you?  We have those in our neighborhood.  It totally bums me out. 
Don't get me wrong, some have been great.  Really.  Some though, not so much.  In fact, our next door neighbor mows their 'yard' with a weed wacker and a pair of scissors and that's usually at 6:30AM on a weekday.  There is so little grass that Neighbor X is just taming weeds...but it is a great visual.  Imagine someone in 80 degree weather, out in their yard with a yellow plastic dishwashing glove on one had and scissors in the other, bending over to 'trim' the tall weeds in the yard. 
We also have a food truck that sits in on the street - it's a pretty, shiny silver color - such a nice addition to the neighborhood.  Wonder if she has any gluten free snacks on board?? A few houses up from up from that we have the house that was abandoned.  They had two Great Danes, so I'm sure the inside looks great.  I'd bet a bag of gluten free pretzels that you can get it for a steal.

Back up the street is the neighbor who is our own Gladys Kravitz.   Remember her from the show Bewitched?  She's in everyone's business and she tells so many stories, I think she's forgotten what the truth is.  Based on how she talks about our neighbors, we certainly don't want to get on her radar. 

We do have great neighbors though - in fact we love them!  They are fun, caring and giving folks. I always wanted to live in a neighborhood where I'd have friends, kids to play with our children (someday), and just in general a warm, friendly, and safe environment to raise a family!    I think we've met some great friends, but I'm not sure we're in the neighborhood I was dreaming about.

But for now, we're okay...in fact, this past weekend we had a mini 'baby shower' for one of our favorite neighbors.  She's having her second child and is having a little girl!  We're so excited for her - I made some cookies for her (upon request).  We can't wait to meet her new little one! 

I think overall, this neighborhood has been great for us.  We've met some really nice people people and learned some important life lessons.  Eventually, when things calm down in our lives, we'll move...but we'll stay here in Charlotte.   I'm sure we'll find another interesting group of neighbors in the next neighborhood - maybe we'll find someone who mows their yard with a mower and doesn't care about whose car is parked in our driveway....well, a girl can dream I guess.  Happy Wednesday Ya'll!

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