Sunday, June 3, 2012

On Being More Audrey-like

Doing things for other people.  Everyone has a different vision in their mind when you say, help others.  Some go right to the simple things like opening a door for someone with their arms full or letting someone out of a difficult intersection in front of you during rush hour.  Others go to the more time intensive things like working in a food kitchen or building a house for Habitat. 

I think either way you look at it, you should just do it.  Small, medium or large - doing something nice for someone else is a gift to them and a balm to your soul.  I bring this topic up today because it's on the top of my mind.  There are days when I am in an Eeyore or sad zone where I'm wondering 'how did I get here and how do I get out of it?' Then there are days when my heart is so full I almost feel guilty.   What I have learned is when I am having those 'un-good' days (I hate using the term bad) and I do something for someone else, I feel better.  I stop focusing on myself and what's eating at me and realize, it ain't that bad.  Not really in the big picture.

It's a good thing to quote Martha and it's a lesson I learned from my Mom.  When I was younger and down in the dumps, she'd always tell me to 'go do something for someone else, you'll feel better.'  When you're a teenager, and self-centered and full of drama, you think, 'Yeah right.  What have they done for me?'   Now that I'm older and have seen Karma do her thang, I realize that while 'they' might not have done anything for me directly, the world has taken care of me. I've been lucky, blessed, whatever you want to call it. 

Sometimes doing something you think is so simple, can make someones whole day.  So, to whoever reads this post, I'm going to task you with this, every day next week, do something for someone else that they didn't expect.  It doesn't have to be big - could be something silly like clean out someone else's coffee cup when you're doing yours or pick up their work off the printer and take it to them.  One of my favorites is to buy the next person in line a cup of coffee.  Starbucks sends out free coffee cards to frequent buyers (like me); instead of using them for yourself, give it to the cashier and buy the next person's cup!  Think of how much fun it would be to go up to the cashier and find out your grande foo foo frappachino is on the house!  If you're out walking the dogs early, pick up your neighbor's paper from the sidewalk and lay it on their font porch - call someone you know has had a rough time of it lately and just listen, it will help them or maybe send them a card in the mail (imagine that- snail mail!) 

Per Audrey Hepburn:  "As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and one for helping others."  I just love her.  Gorgeous, talented and a heart bigger than she was.  I wish I could be just like her when I grow up.  But let's face it, we're not all Audreys.  I'm a pretty selfish person - I love doing things for other people, but I do it because it feels good.  Call me silly, but I like to feel good; I sleep better when I do for others!  I like to keep Karma happy with me too;  regardless of your motivator, have fun doing fun things for other people this week!  Give people!!!  Smile and do good things!  It feels good to help others -so I guess that means Mom was right after all!  Like there was ever a doubt right Mom?! :)  

Let me know how it goes - drop a me comment and let us know what you did - all ideas are appreciated!! 

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