Tuesday, June 19, 2012

No Pie for YOU!

Is there something in your heart you just know?  You don't want it to be true and you don't talk about it, but you know it isn't going anywhere.  Eventually you'll have to face it.  There's a song by one of my favorite bands, Cowboy Mouth, that helps me sometimes- It's called I Believe -

Whatcha gonna do with the restlessness inside your worried mind
How you think you´re ever gonna get ahead when you feel so far behind
Step inside this endless moment for a subtle touch of grace
I´ve always found my strength inside the act of faith

I believe in the spirit of Rock N Roll
In the eternal strength of the immortal soul
Cause sometimes everybody´s gotta let it go
I believe in the power of love
There's another line that says -
I have got to take the best of me and keep that heart alive
Why´d I ever want to shut that down and kill my soul?

This just puts it into words for me.  Be true to myself and let the rest go.  Believe in Love, Faith and Grace.  The three of them are all that keep me going some days.  Being human ain't for the faint of heart ya'll!  Sometimes it actually sucks to be me and I want to live the life of one of my bubbies!  I want to sleep when I want, eat when I want and chew on things....how simple life would be!  Unfortunately, I'm not a bubbie and I have responsibilities to live up to the expectations of life and God....

No stress there!   There's something to be said for having a strong support system, for having faith and love and hope in your life.  But I know there are times it doesn't feel like any of those things are there anymore.   When even Cowboy Mouth can't help, you have what my friend S calls, 'no pie.' 

Translated, you got nothing left sista - you're tapped out and have nothing left to give to anyone.  It's time to recharge your faith, hope and love and get YOU back.  In other words, bake a new pie or worst case scenario, go buy a new pie plate and start over. 

I've used that metaphor so many times over the last 10 years that I just assume all around me understand it.  It's a really quick way to tell your friends that you're in a bad place, that you just need to kvetch or complain or just get it out.  Sometimes everybody's gotta let it go.... Fred (Cowboy Mouth's lead singer) was really onto something with those lyrics wasn't he?

Now the whole 'pie thing' can be used in many ways; here are a few broken down for you:
1.  I need to go buy a pie - meaning - I'm done. I need to start over and just get a fresh perspective.
2.  I feel like a chocolate cream pie this weekend - meaning - I'm going to reset this weekend and 'eat some pie' - get a fresh perspective and just chill.  (Note the more toppings you add to the pie, the more you're going to just let go - chocolate cream pie with whipped cream and chocolate shavings means a REALLY checked out relaxed weekend.)
3.  I have no pie left - meaning- leave me alone right now.  I need to bake. (In my mind, that's not metaphorical!) :o)
4.  He ate all my pie - meaning - that loser just sucked the life right out of me!
5.  No pie for you! - meaning - I don't have anything nice to say so just leave me be!

See how well that works!  S is just brilliant isn't she?  Maybe all of us can get into the whole metaphor and use it as a nicer way to say 'give me some time to let me get ME back and retain my sanity!'  Maybe then we'll have time to deal with the stuff that's stuck in our hearts and just let it go....

Not to leave things on a mellow note - here's another silly song by Cowboy Mouth that just makes me smile - it's called Kelly Ripa and yes, they played it on Regis and Kelly for her!  Here are a few lyrics -

Kelly Ripa, Kelly Ripa
A mommy with the body of a stripper
Kelly Ripa, Kelly Ripa
She's so fine, I'd settle for her dad
Kelly Ripa, Kelly Ripa
If I had some chocolate, I would dip her
Kelly Ripa, Kelly Ripa
Why you wanna make a boy go bad?

Riding around in my car
Worshipping a TV goddess from afar
There's no way I can see
Her ever leaving Regis just to be with me
My girlfriend's mad cause I can pay
Attention to her, watching (Ripa all day)
It must be hard when you're a girl
To be an Angelina in a Kelly world

Here's to a freshly baked pie!  Have a great Tuesday Ya'll! :o)

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