Monday, September 24, 2012

Boredom Has Set In

Another few days down.  It feels like I spend A LOT of time these days just watching the clock...dare I say, wishing my time away?  The days feel much longer than in the past and I've just got to come up with ways to stay busy. 

I'm so over Facebook that I'm amazed at how people can spend so much time on it.  I'm not reading - at all.  Not sure why.  When I have work - I work...but I can't do that 24/7.  TV is just ridiculous....and I refuse to watch Honey BooBoo!

So where does that leave me?  Pouting and grumpy...even the Bubbies are out of sorts.  Paxton has been spending lots of time in his crate - which is so very odd.  Seamus is just miserable and won't settle down.  They aren't cuddling with me anymore.  I think they blame me for being in bed and for ruining their days.  I wish they would stay with B downstairs or somewhere else in the house but no.  They will not leave me for any length of time.  I almost feel guilty about it!

I think I need to dig out my embroidery or something, but honestly, I'm just not motivated.  This is the time of year I'm in the kitchen.  I want to make my applesauce and my Jewish Apple Cake - I want to bake and cook comfort food - instead, I'm racking my brain every night trying to come  up with something that will appeal that we can order for take out.

It's going to be a really long 5 months my people.  I think B will go crazy soon - today he was fitted for new running shoes (Thanks DD!).  His knees were giving him grief - but considering he has just started back to running after an almost 10 year hiatus, he's doing really well!  Go B!

I'm really proud of him - he's training for a 5K in November.  I hope I can go and yell for him when the time comes!

In the meantime, I think Long Island Medium was on last night....and there's always the  Barefoot Contessa.  Oy, I'm so not good at being sedentary.....wish me luck!
Happy Monday Ya'll!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Our First Date!

So I'm a rebel....sort of.  I had no choice but to drive myself to acupuncture last night - no way I was missing the appointment.  I find the bleeding really slows down following each visit, so I don't want to lose the momentum and relaxation I'm getting.  B had to work and my awesome parents who also chauffeur me were out of town, so since I was feeling somewhat ok, I drove myself.

Of course I didn't eat much all day; in fact I was really hungry driving down to my appointment.  Seriously when I'm done with acupuncture, I'm starving.  They calm all my Qi and I'm ready for some grub!  For the past two weeks, because I'm so anemic, I have been craving meat and spinach.  I've had this issue before, so I recognize the symptoms...but usually I'm yearning for a hamburger.  Right now, Baby McG isn't interested in burgers - bummer.  Baby wants a steak!

Since acupuncture is near Uptown, and I was already so close, I scooted over to Outback.  WAHOO!  We had tried to go there a week or so ago, but got there before they opened - and then I realized I'd forgotten a chiropractor appointment so we had to leave and head towards home - sans steak.

Eating alone isn't my favorite thing to do - I've done it a lot when traveling.  But last night, I wasn't alone!  It was me and Baby McG, going out on our first date!  I asked for a table for one - and was seated in the deserted bar area in a booth.  Perfect!  I put my feet up and the waiter came over.  I smiled politely and told him I hadn't eaten a whole meal in over 3 months and was on a mission.  I ordered my meal and sat to play on Facebook a bit.

Well, let me tell you!  The salad came out in about a minute.  I chowed that down and was done before the waiter even came to check on me.  (A bit embarrassing I must admit!)  I knew I was acting like someone who hadn't eaten in a month.   Who cares, right?

Out a minute later, my little steak and my wee little baked potato.  Perfection.  They lasted exactly 6 minutes my people.  This time the waiter had learned his lesson and came over sooner to check on me - I was only half done.  Took me a little longer than the salad because of the chewing factor.  I did taste it, I promise.  I just didn't savour it.  I scarfed it down. 

As soon as I'd cleared my plate (like a charter member of the clean plate club,) I pushed it away - full to the gills.  SO done.

The manager came over and teased me - she'd been watching me chow down and actually asked me when I was due!  Smart woman - she then filled me in on how easy it was to place to go orders - apparently you should order your steak a bit more rare so you can heat it a bit when you get home!  Brilliant!

It was  a great experience and I'm sure if I walk in next week, they will remember me! 

Sadly, this morning I awoke with an upset stomach today and I've lost that hungry feeling once again.  :(  It was  fun while it lasted!  I guess I'll have to wait until my next acupuncture appointment.  I won't complain though - I'm losing weight while lying in bed - what girl wouldn't love that right?

Happy Friday Ya'll!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update on Baby McG

Hey everyone - sorry I've been offline for so long.  It's been a grueling 3 weeks for sure.  Basically, Baby McG is doing well and is now 15 weeks!  Yay!  Unfortunately, I'm not doing as well.   Before I get into my issues, here are a few stats on Baby McG - he/she is 4oz!  Baby is measuring a few days ahead of my due date - we have an over achiever!   According to my fruits and veggies chart - the baby is the size of an apple now so I guess that's why I'm feeling a pooch finally.

So now for my drama...I have had bleeding on and off since about 5 weeks - now the bleeding has escalated and is threatening the baby.  SO, I'm on Double Secret Probation - aka - bed rest.  I'm allowed to work for now and go to doctor appointments etc...but otherwise, I'm tied to this bed.  The Bubbies are loving it - me?  Not so much.

I also found out that I am RH negative and the baby is that is creating problems as well.  So now the baby might have complications as well.  Right now the numbers are really low - so please keep the baby in your prayers that they stay that way.

Otherwise, I'm tons of fun to be around - my pain is actually much better and I'm allowed to go see Dr. Matt, DD and the rest of Team McGowan for now...fingers are crossed that they continue to allow this.  We've become experts at ordering from menus across town and I still really don't have an appetite.  But for the most part the nausea has left me.  Woohoo!

For now I'm focusing on how well the baby seems to be doing for now and am praying like crazy.  I'm allowed to work from home for the time being and I hope it's allowed for a while.  Helps to keep me sane! 

I hope you're all doing well and having a wonderful week and September so far!

Happy Thursday Ya'll!