Monday, June 11, 2012

Passionless in Charlotte

Hmm...It's time for Monday again.  It was a really crazy 'up and down' weekend; so mentally, I'm not sure I'm ready for Monday.  Not that I have a choice, so I'll suck it up and face it head on.  Right now, I have baked oatmeal cooling in the kitchen for breakfast  - most important meal of the day right?  My lunch is made, my coffee is ready to be made in the morning and I think all of the dangling participles of the weekend have been tied down.

So all that's left is to get my brain back in the game.  I think I told you my brain had off on Saturday - well today it was in and out.  Honestly I'm hoping that it shows up full time for Monday.  Could be ugly without it.  I just need to get my heart involved.  Isn't it the usually case that when you're heart is in the game, the head follows?

I think that's what has been troubling me lately.  My heart isn't in the game because of the buy-out.  I hate that.  At one time, I loved everything about my job - the craziness, the stress and the deadlines.  Now, they just annoy the crap out of me.  They are someone else's deadlines now - I think that's the real issue.

How do I make them mine again?  I feel like I need to have an intervention with my counterparts at the other company and get them into the game.  I need to get the passion back and get my heart into things.  I need to ignore the stress around me, no matter how palpable and just get it done.

I've been through many downsizings in my time.  I've done the layoff thing, job changes and wishful career dreaming - but selling my passion to another company that was taking over my job and getting rid of all of my hard work, is new to me.  

SO that my friends is the goal for Monday.  Bring back the passion and get my heart back into the game.  What a simple sentence - yet so important.  I'm open to any and all ideas of how to do this.  Seriously.    I'm in deep water on this - so if anyone has a pair of swimmies I can borrow let me know!  Happy Monday Ya'll!

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