Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm a Lucky Camper

Hey all - today was a big day for me here in Blog-land.  I won't go into details right now...but as things unfold, I'll fill you in.  Needless to say, I've started my super-duper vacation and so far haven't left my bedroom in 8 hours!  Whoopppeee! 

Today I wanted to talk about special people and how those special people in your life can get you through the tough times.  As you know, I've been a whiny, cranky, stressed out and oh, I don't know...pain in the buttocks kind of person for the last few weeks.   For some reason though, I've been surrounded by really special people who have sent me sweet texts, dropped me emails and in general have lent me support at a time when I really needed it.

It's amazing how when you feel at your lowest, you turn around and there are people there for you.  When you least expect it, you get a boost from out of the blue and you feel better.  So how lucky am I?   I've learned in life to deal with your 'stuff' and keep on those big girl panties....but it's always nice to know you have amazing people at your back. 

So today's blog goes like this....remember the people in your life that matter the most are the ones who are there for you when you least expect it.  There are sunny day friends and rainy day friends - and then there are ALL the time friends....

Thanks to all of my wonderful 'all the time' friends and family - without whose support I would have gone stir crazy.  I hope when you need someone to support you and hold you up, or celebrate with you, that I can return the favor.  I am blessed...a lucky camper in this crazy world we live in.

Happy Thursday Ya'll!

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