Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Blackberry Won't Leave Me Alone

Taking time off - why didn't I think of this sooner?  I'm so much calmer and really enjoying doing nothing for a change.  Unfortunately, "nothing" has a whole new definition.   "Nothing" now comes equipped with a laptop, Blackberry and iTouch.  It used to be just a book and maybe a remote control.  When did the shift happen?

I really miss the days when I took off time from work and just walked away and hid out in my apartment or went home for Christmas.  Now, every time that stupid little star shows up on my work email, I feel compelled to at least look to see who sent something and what the subject line's a problem I know.

Add to that my OTHER email and then texts and of course there's Facebook to keep up with as well.  I have been off for three whole days and haven't read more than 2 chapters in my 'I can't wait to read this' book. 

I've watched some really bad TV - Wings reruns - while playing Words with Friends.  I've written blog posts, while watching Deadliest Catch episodes we had DVRd and I've talked on the phone while checking my personal email updates.  I think I have a problem.

I can't get comfortable anywhere unless there's a plug nearby and goodness knows when my phone dies I feel cut off from the world.  (Not that it works at home or anything.)

So what can I do to disconnect.  I could just let all of the batteries die on everything and leave them be until I have to go back to work.  But that won't work - I'll just get yelled at by everyone - where were you???  We left you a note?! 

Ahh, the pressure of technology.  Maybe I'll compromise and not check anything until I finish my book.  Maybe a balance of real world and technology is all I need.  I think I need to ration my technological time with my 'grounding' time....

In the meantime, I'll focus on playing with the Bubbies, reading my books and talking with B and spending some quality time together!  Go crazy!  Talking with my husband?  What a unique idea....hmmm....maybe I'll take a nap....

Happy Saturday Ya'll!

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  1. Finishing your book first is a good move you made back then. But, why didn't you try to synchronize your Blackberry to your desktop computer? If you did that, you wouldn’t have to look or use your Blackberry phone anymore, when there are new emails to check. You just have to use your computer to reply to their emails and communicate with them. :)

    Kelly Brueggemann