Friday, June 22, 2012

The Life of a Boring Rebel

Do any of you have that little inner voice?  I swear I've tried to shake it over the years, particularly during my boring youth.  But I've really come to rely on that voice the older I get.  Mine never really gives me a bum steer - not really.  I might not get it at the time, but I usually figure out why it told me to do what it did eventually.  Mine is very structured (surprise!) and at times a rebel.

I think I have split personality voice actually.  My voice will tell me to hurry and get to work as early as I can - but then on the way to work, it tells me to go find a Starbucks.  Anyone else's voice do that?  I mean, which one do I listen to?  My gut says listen to the one that says go early to work but I really like the one that says "who cares, your day will be much more productive with a cup of good coffee." 

I think I need to listen to the rebel voice more don't you?  Maybe that would help my life to become more audacious and fun.  I think I'm struggling with how I can have more fun but still 'hold down the fort' and manage my responsibilities.  That's an art that my gut says will take a great deal more practice.

The times in my life that I listened to that 'rebel' voice though, definitely led me down a path that I hope to never see again.  I dated a guy that was SO outside the realm of normality for me, I'm surprised my friends didn't do an intervention!  I took a job that was really a bad fit for me...but I took it anyway and threw caution to the wind.  I was miserable and was actually relieved when they laid me off due to poor sales.  Usually fate helped me out when I made bad decisions...sometimes it took a while.  So yes, I've had my share of stupid, 'rebel' moments.   

Now I think I want to have smart rebel moments.  I'm not sure what those are yet, but I'll definitely look into it.  I need to mix it up a bit and do the unexpected.  Ever just want to wear something that so wasn't 'you' or just be late for a meeting that you don't want to go to?  (Boy, even my rebel moments are boring.   Sheesh...anyone want to tutor me on being more of a rebel?)

In the meantime, I'll stick with my structure and maybe go to Starbucks before work once in a while.  Baby steps my friends, baby steps.  Happy Friday Ya'll!

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