Monday, August 20, 2012

One Mack Daddy Crack

Wow.  What a wacky weekend.  It was a blur....after seeing Dr. Matt this morning, I now understand why.  My people, my body is adapting all too well to this baby thing.  So well in fact, that my neck decided to slide to the left side - all of it.  That was causing my monster headache that would never go away and caused my entire weekend to be nothing but a blur. 

He did one mack daddy crack - a cranial sacral pull -and wham.  My whole spine cracked in response.  I heard it and felt it all the way to my tailbone.  Sweet mercy.  Needless to say, going forward, I will now be seeing Dr. Matt twice a week.  None of this tough guy, I only need him once in a while business. 

Pain has a whole new definition when you're having a baby I've learned.  No popping Advil.  No heating pads.  No hot baths.  All of my vices are off limits.  So the chronic pain that I've had for years now is magnified to the nth degree.  Add in hyper,loose joints and I'm a human rubber band who pops things as a hobby.  Good times.

At least we know that the headache was due to a mechanical problem and not hormones.  There's that at least.

I'm waiting for the magic day that everyone has told me about....the day I wake up and feel GREAT!  Energized even!  I'll be content with an afternoon like that - seriously.  A great night's sleep would be good too. 

I did breakdown and buy a maternity pillow today - I'm praying that it works - if it doesn't, the Bubbies will have a really expensive new bed to fight over!

So for now, I'm still fighting the vestiges of a slight headache and although it was fun to see L & L for a short while this weekend - it wasn't nearly long enough!  Can't wait to see the whole H clan and soon!!!

For now, good luck to all with the 'back to school' traditions going on this month and I hope that everyone loves their new teachers!  Don't let the homework break you! :)

Happy Monday Ya'll!

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