Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Party at the McG's, BYOC - Bring Your Own Cheese!

Wednesday is here!  We started our special day with a bright and early visit from Terminix!  Yay!  I actually was happy to see our service guy, James; he's such a nice guy - but today he was here for a rescue.  We have a dead critter in our house.  Yep.  It's horrifyingly disgusting from a pregnant woman's perspective my people.

It's in either the vent or the walls outside of the powder room downstairs in the very center of our home.  Of course.  Only the most important room for a pregnant woman when she's downstairs - the bathroom!    It's very fragrant and let me just say it makes me gag.  It is so foul.  Candles don't even begin to touch the smell.

It all started on Thursday night we got home from acupuncture; I was all relaxed and mellow.  Sigh.  We walked in the house and OMG - something had died - where was that horrible smell coming from??  We threw away some flowers thinking it was the water, but no.  I walked into the powder room and screamed.  That fast, something must have croaked in the wall and boy oh boy are we stuck.  

We immediately called a company to check things - they had been out to put vent caps on the house a few years back.  Since we'd had this problem once before, we assumed they could help.  Wrong.  Of course they charged us for the service call - but nothing.  They actually told us to 'keep the door closed.'  ARE YOU KIDDING ME????

So B called our boy James at Terminix.  He came right out - climbed up into our attic and said, "you have mice."  WHAT????  No.  Not in my house.  It's not possible.  We've never seen or heard anything!  Well, apparently, the mice in the 'hood have been enjoying the comforts of our attic for years now.  They shimmy up the siding and slide on in to get warm and take nappies - and apparently, die in our walls.

So now we have to have new insulation installed in the attic to keep them out.  Then we block the spots where they were getting in through the siding and rain spouts AND I have to live with the idea that they have been having parties above our heads while we lie in bed.  Blech.

Of course no one can help with Au De Dead Mouse issue downstairs - we just have to live with it for a while.  It should 'go away soon.'  Needless to say, I will never be doing any renovations in this house.  There are probably little skeletons all throughout the framework of our home.....yuck!

I'm a country girl my people - I understand mice.  I guess I'm just so surprised that they never showed up in our kitchen looking for a snack!  I'm OK that they haven't mind you, I'm just amazed that the boys haven't gotten a scent of them or heard them....the Bubs are hanging their heads in shame....if there's a fly, they are on it....mice apparently, are outside of their wheel well....bummer.

Happy Wednesday Ya'll! 

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