Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Hangover

Ahh...Wednesday.  Now we're getting somewhere.  Yesterday we had another ultrasound - and - total coolness alert - we were both floored to see the baby move!  I'm not even 10 weeks but that little booger is moving around like crazy!  WOOHOO! It was so amazing and humbling to see that tiny little, peanut sized being, squirm around to try and get away from the ultrasound!  The heart rate is climbing and the baby is growing well.   I have one more ultrasound next week and then they will 'release' me to a regular OB...we're so excited!!!  Almost done with the first trimester already!  Wow....things are just flying by- well...sort off!

I've had a rebound headache for the last 4 days so while we were there, the doctor prescribed some meds to help.  Silly, silly girl that I am, I took one at about 7PM last night.  After my sweet, snoring husband woke me at 2AM, I enjoyed an episode of the Property Brothers and a movie and a half on the Hallmark channel.

Grr.....needless to say, my first words to him this morning was, "you are going to the doctor or I'm moving out."  Or something like that; I'll admit the exchange was a bit blurry.   So B and the Bubbies had a wonderful night's sleep and I'm sleep deprived and a mess as per the norm these days.

Upon looking up the ingredients to my new prescription, I found that apparently, the meds had caffeine in them.  I haven't had caffeine in four years my people.  Four years....until yesterday evening.  Today, I look and feel so hung over that B had to drive me in to work.  My eyes are dilated and my head is spinning.  Good times!  Next time, I promise I'll read the bottle.  I usually do, but the name of the meds sounded familiar...then again, back in my Starbucks Venti Bold days, a little extra caffeine wouldn't have bothered me.  Ahh...I miss those days!

It's a great time here in Jennifer-land right now folks.  I'm selling tickets if anyone else wants to enjoy the ride with me!  Here I am killing myself to be here, making my husband drive me to work like I'm freaking Miss Daisy and my boss is out today with a headache and nausea.  Pause....let's let that sink in a minute.....

HA!  Oh, the irony.  Now, I don't wish ill will on anyone, but if there was ever a day when I needed to be home, it was today.  But "pregnant, nauseous, dizzy, and hung over" me is here - present and accounted for...I'm just sayin'.   I know, I know, you don't get medals for being a martyr....but it's just such a new company, group and responsibilities, that I guess I'm being overly cautious and erring on the side of showing my face, as gnarly as the sight might be.

So for now...I'll go back to my Corn Chex and hunker down.  I hope you're all having a great week!

Happy Wednesday Ya'll!

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