Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm Going to Buy A Lottery Ticket

Hey - great news.  I slept last night. Unfortunately, that sleep wanted to continue on and on and on and resulted in a stupid migraine this morning.  Some day I'll get my sleeping rhythm back. 

So today I'm working at home and fighting through a migraine and the stupid caffeine medicine - it's the only one that will help at this point.  I'm blurry and sort of coherent, so I guess that's a step above from how I felt earlier this morning. 

I pray every night that I have pain-free sleep - so far I'm not quite there, but as the saying goes - "A man prayed every day- dear God - please let me win the lottery.  Every week he didn't win.  He prayed and prayed the same thing non-stop.  Finally after some years passed, when he asked God yet again to help him win the lottery -God answered - My Son, you have to buy a ticket first." 

So I'm 'buying a ticket to the lottery' by playing with my available arsenal of meds hoping beyond hope that Tylenol and all its shapes and forms will help me to manage my pain.  Now THAT will truly be a miracle!

I sincerely hope that Pedro-Nina is hanging in with this medical roulette for now.  Hopefully he/she is in there doing the cha-cha and have a great time!  Today is 10 weeks - hopefully only two more weeks of fun ahead.  I don't want to jinx it or anything, but the nausea is actually at a low roar today - maybe the Vitamin B6 is finally helping?  Or maybe God is taking pity on me and taking nausea off the list while I'm manage the headaches.  Either way I'll take it!

On a high note, we have dear friends coming into town tomorrow - L and her daughter L will be here on Friday and are in town for a soccer tournament.  I so hope I'm up to it to go and cheer L on!  I've always wanted to see her play!   I'm going to coach B through making chocolate chip cookies later tonight.  Say a prayer for me! :)

Happy Thursday Ya'll!

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