Friday, August 17, 2012

MMMmmmm Green Onions!

The Free Dictionary defines a headache as, "A headache involves pain in the head which can arise from many disorders or may be a disorder in and of itself."  To me, the definition of a headache is this:

Yes, I'm sitting at my desk wearing sunglasses.  I've taken a dose of the dreaded caffeine medicine and am just trying to hunker down until my critical call at 11AM today.  After that, I'm going home to bed!  This has got to end.

This headache will just not give up.  Haven't ever had this before, although I've always been able to take my beloved Advil in the past.  Now, I get one little Advil a day and that doesn't even take the edge off of things.  (At least I get that!)  So I'm praying to the Tylenol gods that I get some relief so I can play with L&L later today!

I'm going to be flying solo tonight - been a while since B has had a double work day, but he's working today at my favorite place and then tonight is working an NFL football game.  So it will be just us girls!  It will be so great to see L&L that I think that's all that's getting me through today so far!

Well, B was a total trouper and made chocolate chip cookies last night!  (OK, so I'm made the batter - held my nose the whole time.)  He baked the batch and cleaned up and everything.  While he was doing that, I cleaned a rotisserie chicken - I deserve a medal for that - and made chicken salad. (Again while holding my nose.) 

In the recipe that I use, I add green onion, basil and a few other fragrant ingredients.  After I had it mixed and in the fridge, B cleaned up the cutting board and counters for me.  After which I sliced strawberries to place in the freezer in readiness for my protein shake in the morning - on the same cutting board.  Well, as you can probably guess, the cutting board still had 'au de green onion' on it and this morning I"m enjoying a strawberry and green onion protein shake.  Yum.

I really should just go back to bed shouldn't I? :)

Hope you're having a great Friday Ya'll!


  1. You look a little green in that picture. ):

  2. I got some whopper headaches while preggo, and I took ibuprofen a couple of times. I had to, otherwise my head would have exploded.