Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Am So NOT a Political Animal

Today was an interesting day.  I was riding the high of hearing the baby's heartbeat, but knew I had to meet with my 'old' boss first thing in the morning to find out what my new position was going to be in the new company.  My gut was already telling me I had a job - the wild card was that I wasn't confidant that it was going to be a job that I would actually want.

Catch 22 isn't it? 

Well, I think I've mentioned, always go with your gut.  Mine told me a month ago that something odd was going on - sadly I was right.  I won't go into details here.  Sorry - but let's suffice it to say I have a job.  It will be a challenge politically for me - one that I normally would walk away from.  I am so not a politically motivated animal.  I shoot from the hip and move on.  But I'm older, more seasoned, and I think as I put it, "I went to an all women's college - and I've learned a lot from some really tricky women.  I can do this with my eyes shut."

As my 'old' boss gave me the news I smiled and said, "if you had told me that at 9AM yesterday, my head would have exploded.  Luckily, I heard my baby's heartbeat yesterday afternoon.  So I'm ok."   Notice I didn't say happy.  I guess I should be - it's a job and no pay cut for now.  It's stability that we so need right now.  I'm really fortunate so I'll focus on that.

I'm in very good company - all of IT are wallowing in indecision right now.  We know who we will report to, but we don't know our new titles or our job responsibilities.  It's an odd sort of limbo.  Not a fun place to be, but I think all of the ups and downs of my career have prepared me for this.  I'm in.   (Read that I'm thinking in my best Scottish accent - this is both Good (GUD) and Bad (Bahd).)

I think overnight, my priorities have finally shifted - they've turned the final corner and I think I'm at peace. I am going to be a Mom! That's so much more important that what department I'm in at work - really.  It will be different for me, but change is good right?

On a high note, we got to see my parents tonight.  It's almost been a month since they left on vacation.  Even though I was pretty exhausted, it was great to get a hug from my Mom and show them the pictures of "Pedro."  We were issued a warning though that 'no grandchild of mine will be named Pedro" by my Dad...I assured him we wouldn't do that - as we felt it would be a girl - so "Pedro-Nina" it is! :o)

Just kidding....

I'm off for now  - I have Zofran to take and bathroom trips to make...

Happy Thursday Ya'll!

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