Monday, July 23, 2012

Pedro Wants a Pretzel

I'm hungry.  Seriously, I'm hungry.  I just ate dinner too - unfortunately, I don't want to eat much.  I'm starving and food looks just so unappealing, I couldn't care less.  I get like this every once in a while - I'm not really hungry - so I eat because I'm supposed to.

Right now though, it's pretty important that I eat well and often - keeps the stomach calmer they say.  I'm not sure I'm believing it yet, but I'm following directions.  I just didn't count on the hunger.  I want all the foods I can't have.

I would kill for a stack of waffles right now.  I hate waffles - and I can't eat them because they have flour in them.  Gluten free ones just don't appeal.  I want crackers and butter - my Mom used to eat Matzo and butter.  Yum.  Yes, a good Catholic woman eating matzo crackers.    Can't eat those though and the gluten free crackers so don't appeal right now either.

I want a soft pretzel with mustard - a Philly pretzel!!! Oh, and a cheese steak from Pat's with criss-cuts (waffle fries) with cheese from Abner's ( I don't know if they still have them or even call them that, but I want some.)

Obviously I've been watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives again.  I'm trying to get my mind off of Mexican food.  That's all I've wanted for weeks now.  So much so, that we've dubbed Baby McG - Pedro.  Yes.  Pedro.  (Even though I think it's a girl.)  I want chips, salsa, beef tacos and guacamole.  Bad, bad, bad.  But oh, so good.

I think part of it is that it's 'safe' food - aka gluten free.  I get that, but I'm watching them make bagels on Triple D and honestly, eh.  Don't want one. 

I hope this ends soon - otherwise, it's going to be a long 8 months.  I can't go ordering food only to turn my nose up and gag.  B made me corn pasta with butter and Parmesan for dinner tonight.  Tasted great - total comfort food.  But totally unhealthy for me.  Starch, starch and starch.

At what point will I crave veggies and fruit again? You know there's a problem if I don't want fruit.  I'm a fruit-a-holic.  Truly, under normal circumstances, I'd choose fruit over any other food.  Today, gag. 

I guess for now I'll have to be hungry and hope that Pedro is getting enough from my vitamins and dairy products.  I'm still craving cheese....I wonder if that means I'm having a calf instead of a baby? :o)

Happy Monday Ya'll!

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