Sunday, July 22, 2012

Call Me Spoiled

I'm a lucky girl.  I have the sweetest husband.  Seriously, I do.  For the past few weeks he has waited on me hand and foot, taken care of the dogs, done laundry and is now gearing up for a grocery shopping trip.  Not his favorite activity mind you, but he's up for it!

My nurses basically told me to only go to work and go home - so no other activities are permitted right now.  I am totally taking it easy for now until things get to a heartbeat stage.  Don't want to screw this up!  I might slip in a movie or dinner once in a while, but right now, I'm totally chilled and doing nothing.

So here's how a typical weekend day unfolds for B right now...
1.  He goes downstairs and gets my meds out of the fridge.
2.  He makes me peanut butter toast to help me move in the morning.  Gag time.
3.  He irons any clothes I need. (I HATE to iron - so this isn't because of Baby McG)
4.  He takes the dogs out and feeds etc...them
5.  He then takes a shower - first so I can sleep off the meds.
6.  He goes and gets me a 'real breakfast' and coffee.
7.  Walks the dogs again.
8.  Studies where he can.
9.  Checks on me.....hangs out a bit.
10. Studies some more.
11.  Gets me lunch.
12.  Brings it upstairs to me on a tray.  (Yes, he does)
13.  Gets himself lunch.
14.  Takes dishes downstairs and loads the dishwasher.
15.  Studies some more.
16.  Checks on me - hangs out some more.
17.  Gets me an afternoon snack.
18.  Walks the dogs.
19.  Orders dinner (Cooking isn't part of the deal right now.)
20.  Gets dinner.
21.  See #12
22.  Studies some more.
23.  Brings me more drinks....I drink a lot you know.
24.  Gets me nighttime meds
25.  Says goodnight - and then does more homework.
26.  Sleeps.

He's a busy man isn't he?  I feel so guilty, but I know this is for a good cause.  I don't sit still very well....but it seems to be working out so far.  I hope he hangs in with me for the long haul.  I'm so blessed to have such a sweet and giving man in my life.  It took me a long time to find him, but he was so worth the wait.

I hope you all are as blessed as I am...

Happy Sunday Ya'll!

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