Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mission Accomplished

Well, it's back to the land of the land of the living tomorrow.  Tragic.  I did this on purpose though - I doubt many others will be silly enough to work the day after the 4th and since I only have to work 2 days - it shouldn't hurt too much.  I hope.

Today was a better day - but still a lazy day.  It ended on a great note though - with fireworks!  YAY!  I finally saw my first fireworks in Charlotte.  They were pretty fantastic.  It was a really great night to sit outside which was surprising.  It's been over 100 degrees here for a week or so and today was in the mid 90s.  I was expecting to sit outside and sweat all night, but lo and behold, it was actually pretty nice.  There was a nice breeze blowing, we had our frozen yogurt (and chocolate chip cookies) and were ready to roll!

I put some thought into a good location to go see fireworks this year.  There were a few criteria that had to be met to make the location acceptable:

1.  Small crowds - no shoulder to shoulder proximity - I'm a crowd o-phobic.
2.  Near a yogurt/ice cream place. (or a Good Humor man!)
3.  Must be near green space for proper blanket placement.
4.  Close to home without having to go into Uptown  (That's what they call downtown here in CLT.)
5.  Most importantly, great view, but down wind of the smoke etc... from the fireworks.

View of the city from the Greenway
- Fireworks were in the other direction.
We found the perfect location that met most of the criteria - it just had a bit of an obstructed view.  I was ok with that actually.   It was a new park in the Dilworth area, called The Greenway I believe, about 6-7 blocks from where they shot off the fireworks.  It actually worked out really well, some of the lower fireworks were a bit cut off though.  No worries - lots of folks moved to get a better view and it just meant fewer people and more breezes for us.  I'd say we found the perfect spot!  Mission accomplished!

Like I said, it was a really great way to end my lazy week!  I hope everyone here in the US had a wonderful 4th and I hope all of my non-US readers are having a great week too!

I can't believe I have to wait another year for my fireworks!  I think I'll spend the time doing some scouting for alternate locations in case the Greenway gets too crowded next year.  It's never too early to plan  you know.  :o)

Have a great Thursday Ya'll!

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