Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blake & the Bubbies

The Bubbies have adjusted pretty well to having little man around.  In fact, they adjusted much better than I thought they would!  For now, Seamus is both jealous and protective of Blake.  Paxton, he just ignores him – unless there is a treat involved and then he will lick his face and look at us like, “I’m such a good boy aren’t I?  Don’t I deserve a treat now?”  HA!

Blake for the most part will ignore them, unless Seamus lies down next to him – then he’s all about the tail! J  Poor Seamus has lost many of his tail hairs over the last few weeks.  I’m afraid that will happen more often but for now we’re able to hold onto Blake’s hands and warn Seamus to get out of harm’s way.
Stealth Paxton -
They won't notice me under his crib...
Paxton avoids this treatment by staying as far away from Blake as possible.  It’s as though he’s been around babies before and knows what they can do to him.  There are times that he notices Blake like he’s never seen him before and barks at him.  Like, “who the hell are you and who let you into my living room?!”  It startles Blake, but for the most part, the dog barks don’t bother him in the least.

He stays sound asleep when the dogs bark which is great.  I guess he heard it all the time when I was pregnant with him so now he’s just used to it.
Last weekend we went out to dinner and were sitting outside waiting for our meal.  Blake was a bit antsy so I walked around with him to distract him. He’s a social baby and doesn’t like to miss anything; bring on the noise and the people.  While we were walking around he saw a big Golden Retriever mix lying on the ground.  He just stared and stared at that dog whose name was Buddy - he was sweet.  We said hello and I walked on, but Blake swiveled in my arms to see Buddy.  At that moment, Buddy barked and Blake got a huge grin on his face.  He knew that Buddy would bark – didn’t faze him in the least. 

I really love that he likes dogs, people and chaos in general.  I often wondered when I was lying in bed for all those months whether he would be a quiet baby, a loud crier, a mellow bub or what.  I knew that what I wanted for him was to be adaptable to things at a very early age - to just be able to go with the flow.  He definitely does that; at least for now.

Seamus the Photo Bomber!

I think he’ll give Pax and Seamus a run for their money.  Seamus is going to be his cuddle bud and Paxton will stay under his cloak of invisibility under the coffee table.  Seamus will continue to photo bomb our Blake pictures and Paxton will steal his toys and put them – you guessed it, under the coffee table.  Blake will smile and laugh when they bark and pull Seamus’ tail hairs and hopefully learn to scratch his belly – gently.  And peace will reign.  I hope.
Happy Sunday Ya’ll!

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