Friday, May 25, 2012

What to do, What to do?!

Today is my first day of vacation!  Yipee!  Nothing better than waking up when I'm ready.  There's something said for that isn't there?  Next up, working out, taking a nice long bath with a good book and just having free, lazy time!   I'm taking a day off here and there to use up some vacation time.   What better time to use it then now - did I mention the company where I work is being bought out/acquired by a large conglomerate?  No stress there.  B is in graduate school full-time so I'm the only full-time paycheck for the family.  SO, obviously having a good job is really important to me right now.  The question of "What to Do?" is around my net steps career-wise. 

I really love the company I work for; my co-workers keep me coming back for more.  I just celebrated my 5 year anniversary too.  Sadly, that's all changing in the very near future.  I don't know if I will have a job, let alone a job I want.  Do I really want to work for the 'new' company at all?  A co-worker made a very smart comment a few months back, "We should stop worrying about whether or not we have jobs.  Instead we should worry about whether or not we want to work for the company."

I don't think I do.  To quote Diane Keaton in Baby Boom"I think the rat race could use one less rat."  Maybe I choose a job just for the sake of the job, not where it could take me.  Maybe I try telecommuting instead of rush hour traffic day in and day out.   Maybe I focus more on our personal lives instead of my stress at work. 

These are the questions 'o the day - I think I'll go make some granola.  I always think better when I bake....

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