Sunday, May 27, 2012

Su Su Sushi Ya'll

I'm a sushi lover.  Either you are or you aren't.  It's definitely an acquired taste.  I do have my favorites, but I've tried a few of the more gnarly choices in my time.  Those choices were made in my younger days of trying new things and experimenting.  I did stupid things like bungee jumping and eating shrimp heads and eel.  These days, while I enjoy the memories, I'm much more inclined to choose salmon and yellowtail nigiri.  Boring I know, but when you find a good thing, don't ruin it.

Dinner last night at Akahana Asian Bistro  - The Plaza

I think the thing that stands out the most with my love of sushi is my absolute distaste for cooked fish.  Yep.  Hate it when it's cooked.  It's too 'fishy' - or mushy.  Sushi is lovely, firm and fresh tasting; for the most part.  I guess it depends on where you get it.  It's not an easy task to find good sushi in Charlotte.  We're landlocked and fresh seafood is something we typically just enjoy while on vacation in New England.  We're not seafood snobs by any means.  Typically though, when you think of food that North Carolina is known for, you think of barbecue pork and hush puppies. 

Ah, the hushpuppie.  I do miss those fried little cornmeal filled dough morsels.  Gluten free hush puppies aren't common in most BBQ joints down here.  In fact, if you ask for no bun, roll or hushpuppies they immediately assume you're a Yankee who can't handle the food!  God help you if ask for un sweet tea.  They turn up their noses and walk away as if you'd told them you don't like barbecue!  I love it - really.

I've lived in the South for most of my adult life and have to say, I love the food and the people.  Growing up just south of the Mason Dixon line gave me the option of being a Yankee or a Southerner.  I didn't really choose either as a kid; as an adult though, I definitely gravitated AWAY from the snow.  Always thinking aren't I?

Of course that means I moved AWAY from lobster and all things Cape Cod, but we'll always have vacation and sushi I guess!

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  1. Jennifer- great to get cuaght up on your life! I'm sure your friends and family will grow to love reading it!