Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where to begin....

The time has come.  I think I'm ready to begin documenting our crazy life, the ups and downs in the life of J - B and the Bubs.  I'm J, my loving husband is B and our two sweet dogs, Seamus (pronounced Shaymus) and Paxton are the Bubs.  Nice to meet you.

Today is the day before a 4 day break for Memorial Day and I think I'm ready to chill and do nothing for a few days!   Our lives have been pretty boring lately- not that I'm complaining.  Excitement comes in the little things - the lawn mowed and gorgeous for a few days - gluten free pizza at Dominos! - a clean house - Jason Mraz' new CD blaring in my car - like I said, it's the small things that make up a good week.

I'd rather be going to the Cape for the holiday and having a wee bit of Chatham, MA and lobster rolls- but hey, the Domino's GF pizza was pretty darned good!  Weak I know, but in a pinch, I'll take it.
Chatham Lighthouse Beach
Lobster's Good....
Our Bubbies - also known as the bubs, the mutts, Sea (Shay), Paxie, name it...are spoiled to the nth degree of rotten.  Since we don't have kids yet (quite a long story), all of our attention, extra funds and focus goes on them.  I'm sure it's quite annoying to non-dog lovers, but we love our bubs!

My B - well, he's a sweetie and loves his sports and his newspapers.  I can't touch the stupid things myself, YUCK, but the man lives for his papers every day; I swear we've recycled so much of it that we could  make enough toilet paper to supply our whole neighborhood for a week.  B loves Cape Cod too and I'm sorry we couldn't swing a brief blitz for the Mem holiday, but we'll put on our sound machine tonight and pretend we're listening to the I said, it's the little things!  Happy Memorial Day ya'll! 

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