Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hi, My Name is Jennifer and I'm Belly Deficient

For those of you who have been pregnant, did it bother you when you ran into someone out and about that you hadn't seen in a while and as soon as you saw them they would immediately look down at your stomach?  I feel like I need to have a button made that says, "Seriously, I AM pregnant!" 

I get that I'm not showing all that much yet; give a girl a few months my people!  I'm sure I"ll pop out like a balloon any day now - but for now, trust me when I say I'm in my 6th month and my baby is huge!  He's just a stealth baby!  O'Pedro is just tucked in there and kicking me like a mad baby - Seriously, he's big for his level of development.  I'm hoping he continues to be big too!  I can take it!

I wasn't a toothpick when I started and I gotta tell you, the first 4 months of the baby's development didn't include a whole lot of eating on my part.  I'm eating now, but about 1/2 of what I used to be able to eat.  I'm so incredibly hungry these days, that it's actually annoying when I have to stop because the hiccups begin.

By the way, that's my sign to stop eating - I hiccup.  I try to stop before I actually get to that point though let me tell you.  I also CANNOT drink when I eat.  It just takes up too much room.  It's sort of like when I was in college - you didn't eat AND drink beer because it was too many calories and besides, it was more expensive to get a good 'buzz" going when you had food in your stomach....I know - bad.  But I went to an all women's college.  We had our priorities my people. 

So I've gone back in time about 20+ years in reverse and am now rationing my beverage intake so I can eat instead!  How history sort of repeats itself!

So if you know me and have asked for a 'belly shot' - You won't get one for a while.  I would seriously disappoint you.  I'm hoping by Christmas-time that I'll have a 'belly worthy' picture to share - for now, trust me when I say, I have a pooch, I'm still wearing my regular pants and probably will for a while.  I have exactly 2 pairs of maternity pants - hate them and haven't worn them- but that's a whole other post....I plan on making my jeans hold out as long as is possible!

For now, please remember to not stare at a pregnant woman's stomach!  It's already miserable enough without thinking you're slacking in the belly size department!  :o)  I'll get that button made and hey, maybe I'll sell them on Etsy -

Happy Thursday Ya'll!

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