Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update on Baby McG

Hey everyone - sorry I've been offline for so long.  It's been a grueling 3 weeks for sure.  Basically, Baby McG is doing well and is now 15 weeks!  Yay!  Unfortunately, I'm not doing as well.   Before I get into my issues, here are a few stats on Baby McG - he/she is 4oz!  Baby is measuring a few days ahead of my due date - we have an over achiever!   According to my fruits and veggies chart - the baby is the size of an apple now so I guess that's why I'm feeling a pooch finally.

So now for my drama...I have had bleeding on and off since about 5 weeks - now the bleeding has escalated and is threatening the baby.  SO, I'm on Double Secret Probation - aka - bed rest.  I'm allowed to work for now and go to doctor appointments etc...but otherwise, I'm tied to this bed.  The Bubbies are loving it - me?  Not so much.

I also found out that I am RH negative and the baby is that is creating problems as well.  So now the baby might have complications as well.  Right now the numbers are really low - so please keep the baby in your prayers that they stay that way.

Otherwise, I'm tons of fun to be around - my pain is actually much better and I'm allowed to go see Dr. Matt, DD and the rest of Team McGowan for now...fingers are crossed that they continue to allow this.  We've become experts at ordering from menus across town and I still really don't have an appetite.  But for the most part the nausea has left me.  Woohoo!

For now I'm focusing on how well the baby seems to be doing for now and am praying like crazy.  I'm allowed to work from home for the time being and I hope it's allowed for a while.  Helps to keep me sane! 

I hope you're all doing well and having a wonderful week and September so far!

Happy Thursday Ya'll!

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