Monday, October 8, 2012

Pedro It IS!

Hey everyone - sorry I dropped off of the radar once again.  The mental game of sitting in bed for so long tends to get to you after a while - I have so much to share though!  I've started my 5th month!  Go crazy I know - but time is finally moving ahead!

Baby McG IS a Pedro!  We found out last week that I'm not having a girl as we both thought, but instead, we're having a little boy!  It couldn't have been more of a shock if they'd told us we were having 4 babies!  We both sat there with our mouths hanging open while the ultrasound technician laughed at us!

Baby BOY McG is still growing ahead of schedule and as of last week was 6 oz!  He's going to be a big one! 

As for my health, I am still on bed rest and am hoping to get good news from my regular doctor at the end of this week.   The specialist is hoping that the bleeding issues I've been having will stop when the placenta completely shifts but we won't know that for a few weeks.  Fingers are crossed and prayers are going out - the baby continues to thrive and really, the fact that my butt is numb from sitting isn't the issue - right? :)

It's all about Baby McG as usual!  So the deal with names was this - I had a girl name in my heart for more years than I can count.  Sadly, it will have to stay in my heart!  Since I had picked the girl name, B and I made a deal that he would pick the boy names!  So the pressure is on - I do have veto power mind you, but it's all up to Daddy!  It's going to be tough because we have no ideas yet at all!

So for now, things are moving along as per the norm.  B is buried in school work and I'm slammed with work.  Working from home is convenient, but the lines get blurred - you find yourself working at odd times just because you can - I need to work on the boundaries of things - home is home, work is work....

I'm hanging in and feeling better on some days and not on others, but that's ok.  I have a little pooch on the front but am bumming people out that it's not bigger!  Right now I'm placenta anterior so the baby is tucked in behind the placenta.  When that shifts - I'm sure my tummy will balloon!

I hope you're all doing great and enjoying some fall weather! 

Happy Monday Ya'll!

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  1. Can I schedule a house visit? Tell the boys I'm coming over and they don't have to stay upstairs.