Thursday, October 17, 2013

Time to Update the Bucket List!

Life changes when we aren’t looking doesn’t it? I get that a lot of changes happen while we’re looking, but then there are some that you just realize all of the sudden – like when did I get white hair above my forehead?  I’ve been ‘going gray’ for 30 years.  No joke.  But lately I’ve been seeing more and more white hair between my coloring sessions and I don’t think I like it.  I guess around my face is the final frontier for losing my brown.
Interesting.  It’s probably been there a while and I just didn’t notice it, but it’s still a shock.  I’m wearing glasses too, well, readers just to clarify.  But I’m still wearing glasses.  Wow.  Old is just staring at me with new interest. 
Have you heard of the term perceptual blindness?  It’s also known as inattentional blindness.  It is categorized as a psychological lack of attention.  Basically, you’re so focused on something specific; there might be something obvious right in front of you that you miss!  I guess in my case, I was staring at my brown spots and missed the gray hairs? J 
I am fascinated by this concept.  It comes into play when you talk on your cell phone and drive -or those days when you drive on ‘autopilot’ and don’t remember the ride.   I think that I’ve been on autopilot for too long.  I’ve been looking right at life and just haven’t been seeing it. 
The time has come to be more aware and actually live life.  We spent so much time waiting and dreaming of having a family, that now that we have one, we need to enjoy it!  I made a comment the other day that came out of nowhere – which most of my comments do might I add – but I think I surprised the person I was speaking with.  I said that I could die tomorrow and be content with my life.  And I mean that.  My whole life there was a part missing and now that it’s completed through little man, I’m at peace.  Pretty cool. 
But what a shocking waste of a great life!  So I’m focused on living again and am doing my best to not ignore what’s in front of me.  I need to SEE more and look less.  I need to come up with some new bucket list items and goals and get on with enjoying little man and B every single day.  Maybe I’ll stop dying my hair so I don’t have to stare at the white hairs….who knows.   Either way, God gave us an awesome gift and it’s now time to enjoy it!  We all deserve that.    Happiness reigns!
Happy Thursday Ya’ll.

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